Get Apps

You can install an app on your ReadyNAS storage system from the local admin page of your ReadyNAS storage system or you can install an app from this website. NETGEAR recommends that you install apps from the local admin page of your ReadyNAS system.

    1. Ensure that your ReadyNAS storage system is connected to the Internet.
    2. Click Apps  > Available Apps.
    3. Select an app.
    4. Click the Install button.

A pop-up window displays when the app is successfully installed. The app displays on the Installed Apps tab.

If your ReadyNAS storage system is not connected to the Internet, you can download an app from this website and install it manually on your ReadyNAS storage system. You can also use this procedure if you are having trouble downloading an app from your ReadyNAS storage system’s local admin page.

    1. Determine whether your ReadyNAS storage system is ARM-based or x86-based:
      • ReadyNAS 102
      • ReadyNAS 104
      • ReadyNAS 202
      • ReadyNAS 204
      • ReadyNAS 212
      • ReadyNAS 214
      • ReadyNAS 2120
      • ReadyNAS 312
      • ReadyNAS 314
      • ReadyNAS 316
      • ReadyNAS 422
      • ReadyNAS 424
      • ReadyNAS 426
      • ReadyNAS 428
      • ReadyNAS 516
      • ReadyNAS 524X
      • ReadyNAS 526X
      • ReadyNAS 528X
      • ReadyNAS 626X
      • ReadyNAS 628X
      • ReadyNAS 716X
      • ReadyNAS 2304
      • ReadyNAS 2312
      • ReadyNAS 3130
      • ReadyNAS 3138
      • ReadyNAS 3220
      • ReadyNAS 4220
      • ReadyNAS 3312
      • ReadyNAS 4312
    2. Download an app from the list below, making sure to select the appropriate version for your storage system.
      • Your browser notifies you when the download is complete.
    3. Go to the local admin page for your ReadyNAS storage system and click the Apps tab.
    4. Click the Available Apps button.
      • The app displays in the main pane of the Available Apps screen.
    5. Click the Install button.
      • The app installs on your ReadyNAS storage system.
    6. Click the Installed Apps button.
      • The app displays on the on Installed Apps screen.

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Currently Available Apps

The following is a list of all currently available apps. Click Info to display a brief description.

NOTE: NETGEAR does not warrant any third-party app.