Developer FAQs

ReadyNAS Developer FAQs

Developer Management

How can I participate in the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Developer program?

Simply complete the registration form to become a developer and read and agree to the terms and conditions. Being a registered ReadyNAS developer allows you to submit apps.

What is the focus for the ReadyNAS product line?

ReadyNAS storage systems can service multiple needs.  The most common uses in business are: backup, file server, and virtualization. You can safely backup all your data from any computer to a ReadyNAS system.  A ReadyNAS system also provides options to copy data to another off-site ReadyNAS system for disaster recovery in case of: fires, floods, or other disasters, or copy data to the cloud. File servers are efficient ways to share data among employees, customers, and partners. No more emailing files back and forth. As businesses grow and start to host their own servers on-site, virtualization becomes a must to achieve high efficiency. ReadyNAS storage systems are certified with VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V.

What devices work with a ReadyNAS storage system?

A ReadyNAS storage system can be accessed from any computer (Mac/Windows/Linux), tablet, smartphone, or web browser. You can access your data using built-in operating system file managers (Finder, Explorer, and so on), mobile applications (Android, iOS), or any internet device with a web browser via the ReadyCLOUD portal.  Your files can be accessed from remote locations without the need to set up complicated VPNs, configure firewalls, or even know an IP address. ReadyNAS systems match the way you want to use and access your data, with nothing new to learn.

If I have a ReadyNAS system that uses RAIDiator 4.x firmware or RAIDiator 5.x firmware, can I develop app?

Yes. For those products, check our forum for supporting these devices.

What are ReadyNAS apps?

ReadyNAS apps are programs that expand the functionality of ReadyNAS storage system. Applications that are being developed cover a number of consumer and business segments. To see examples, click the Available apps tab in any ReadyNAS device. More than 50 apps are available in the following segments:

  • Storage and backup
  • Office productivity
  • Project management
  • Multimedia
  • Surveillance and monitoring

What ReadyNAS storage systems are supported?


  • ReadyNAS 102
  • ReadyNAS 104
  • ReadyNAS 202
  • ReadyNAS 204
  • ReadyNAS 212
  • ReadyNAS 214
  • ReadyNAS 2120


  • ReadyNAS 312
  • ReadyNAS 314
  • ReadyNAS 316
  • ReadyNAS 516
  • ReadyNAS 716
  • ReadyNAS 3130
  • ReadyNAS 3138
  • ReadyNAS 3220
  • ReadyNAS 4220

What is the approval process?

Before you can submit an app for approval, you must first register as a developer.  After you agree to the developer agreement and privacy policy terms, you can download the full SDK and get started.

After you submit your app, NETGEAR sends an email message confirming that your submission was received. NETGEAR tests your app and provides you with feedback via email about whether your app passed or failed testing. If your app failed, NETGEAR explains why. If your app passed, NETGEAR posts it to The next planned build of firmware will include a link to your app, which allows customers to select your app from the storage system GUI.

What do I need to get started developing an application?

How do I submit an app?

After you register, click the Developer tab and select App Submission from the drop-down menu.

Follow these steps to submit your app to NETGEAR for SDK and QA review:

1. Browse to the .deb file on your local computer.

2. Enter your developer account password in the Password field.

3. Add a comment about your app.

If you are re-submitting an app that NETGEAR previously rejected, you must enter a comment.

4. If you want to validate the image file without submitting your app, check the validation only box and submit.

5. If you have any issues, send an email to

Are apps free?

Currently, NETGEAR is accepting only free apps for distribution on ReadyNAS storage systems. If your business model offers a free trial offer, and your back end supports transactions, contact develop relations at for more information.

After my app appears in the Apps available tab, can I update it?

Yes. Submit the revision through the same app submission process. Include a brief description of the changes to help the QA team.

Can I remove my app ?

Yes. This requires an email request from you and verification by your developer relations team. They can be reached at Please submit your request to this email address to start the process.